Instagram: @bitterbean_

It's quite rare these days when you encounter a young artist who is very knowledgeable in all sorts of art mediums. Julia pulls references from all over... nature, video games, fashion, and then takes her vision to the canvas!

She is well versed in both traditional and digital mediums... even uses a needle and thread at times.

Free Time Report: "I usually draw, play on the PlayStation, look at Pinterest all day… Just kidding! I’m not that boring, but those are some of the things that I like to do. I really enjoy going on walks with my family, and just looking at nature in general. It gives me a lot of inspiration and happiness. Going to cafes are so much fun, just the vibe that cafes give off is satisfying to me. I started a big plant family in our home. In my free time I like to talk to my plants and play music for them… that may sound weird but studies show that plants grow better listening to a female’s voice rather than a male’s voice."